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Welcome! – Blog Entry #1

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Hello & Welcome!

I am super excited to launch of our new website! The recent garden this year was a major success and I have decided to take it way more seriously. I want to tell a story, a bit about the past, but mostly about the present. I have been a cook for restaurants, food trucks, and even high-end wedding catering. I enjoy my work and after taking many different types of jobs I found cooking to be a great creative outlet as well as a passion I would grow and later use it to change my entire life. My love for fresh food and self-reliance is one that has grown on me in the recent years. I am 23 at the time of writing this blog entry and in the passed year I have revolutionized my diet to endure high-energy demanding tasks and become a multi-talented artist. I make music when I have the chance, and in the passed I had played professionally in many different bands. Many of my close friends know this about me and I think it’s always come natural for me to perform. In the late summer of 2015 I took a job that apparently changed me and caused many complications in my health and mindset. After making many life changes I met somebody who offered me a job at their home as their private chef. Having cooked before, I took to the job quickly and almost three years later, here I am. I searched and searched until I could find a job that really just aligned with me and my health priorities. It was tough. In 2016 I got a job at a Catering company where I would work for two seasons while I built my garden while cooking privately, honing my craft. I decided to start Earth Vale LLC in July 2017 when my partner and I decided we needed to work full force on farming and building self-reliance. Cooking is a passion that I have discovered and embraced to change my life for the better and I believe anybody can do the same. Creating self-sufficiency is not just a by-product, but an asset to be forever cherished so I want to share that journey on this blog with all my readers. Check out my tips for gardening, my recipes for cooking, and my articles related to health and self-reliance.




Planting Arugula and Spinach for an early Fall Harvest

I currently LOVE growing Flowers, Herbs, Salad Greens, Bean Sprouts and Microgreens.



We have a Recipe tab where I have my recipe’s organized for online viewing. I started Earth Vale Farms to help me track and record my progress. I have a huge passion for Health and Food so I welcome you to the Web Page. I am going to share some really cool cooking knowledge, meal prep techniques, and interesting recipes.

We also operate a Local Market Stall at The River Arts District Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 2-6 PM where we provide Microgreens and Bean Sprouts.

Located at All Souls Pizza on Clingman Ave, in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Now move on to my first recipe! It’s a simple one.

Vegan Rice Paella

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