Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon in 2018

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Welcome to our guide of the Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon in 2018!

Farmers and Gardeners everywhere, in all climate zones appreciate the power of Greenhouses. They allow us to extend the season and grow things that otherwise, would not grow as well in an outdoor climate.

There are many customization aspects of Greenhouses but they all certainly have the same Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New GReenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Gardenneeds and concerns to consider. With the growing demand of greenhouses, ordering online is a safe and easy option for many small-scale greenhouses.

In our guide of the Top 10 greenhouses for 2018 we will preface you with the major concerns with greenhouse care before breaking down the Pro’s and Con’s of each Greenhouse. Their best uses, and their price point.

How do Greenhouses work?

The temperature in a greenhouse is due to the amount of Solar Radiation that passes through the transparent, or sometimes semi-transparent roofing and wall structures. As the structure is closes, the warmer air may not be able to escape (otherwise known as convection) so the temperature in the greenhouse will steadily rise.

Heating, Cooling, Energy, and Ventilation

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New GReenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden Fan Vent VentillationVentilation is the most important component in a successful greenhouse.

When no proper ventilation is present, the growing plants and soil within may become prone to issues, such as molds, fungal growth, and defective growth. These are caused by conditions such as humidity, and temperature regulation issues. For this reason, re-circulation vans, and vents will be useful to optimize the functionality of your greenhouse.

This is not to be mistaken with the theory known as the “greenhouse effect” that is  associated with environmental and atmospheric concerns.

Heating and Electricity

When considering the long-term costs of operating a greenhouse, the energy inputs of any heating and cooling system for a greenhouse will be a pertinent concern to address.

Passive heating exists and may be utilized to lower energy input. Some examples include waste heat from livestock, solar energy, black water barrels that can trap extra heat, and window actuators to open windows on the spot when a temperature difference is detected.


Many Greenhouses boast the wonderful amenity of natural lighting. If you were to want to work at night, utilizing grow lights and LED lights will not only help guide you through the dusk and dawn hours of the day, but increase yield due to their powerful effects on seedlings. For more information about growing plants with lighting please read our guide on How to Germinate Healthy Seedlings for more information on grow lights!

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New Greenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden Victorian English Green House Old Fashion

1. Exaco Royal Victorian VI34 150 Square Foot Greenhouse

This sizable greenhouse is not only efficient but also provides and excellent aesthetic flair from the Victorian era.

Size: 10’2″ wide x 15′ long x 9′ high, 150 square feet with 4 roof windows

Price: $7,200 (Free Shipping)


  • Great Size
  • Aluminum Framework, thick and strong gauge
  • 4mm Tempered Glass, may withstand hail
  • Rubber seals for better insulation
  • Ventilation via the roof windows
  • Includes Misting System
  • Large shoulder gutters
  • One piece glass window panes
  • Amazing aesthetics; Old fashion English style Victorian era beauty. (Decorative roof fringe)
  • Wide range of accessories
  • 1 sliding door
  • 2 full length gutters
  • May be installed on grass, concrete, brick, or wooden foundation
  • 15 year warranty
  • Made in Belgium
  • Multiple size options


  • None

Best Use:

This greenhouse provides an amazing aesthetic, making it a perfect addition to any garden. The construction of this greenhouse is very sound and it provides an optimal habitat for growing plants all year long. The thick glass and year long production provides the ability for commercial use, where the price point is high for the size. It makes up for the price in production, and aesthetic making this a top greenhouse for 2018. It is a best seller with a 5 star rating on Amazon.

For more information visit the official website for Exaco’s Victorian Vi34 Greenhouse.

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New Greenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden

2. Rion EcoGrow 2 Greenhouse – 6′ x 12′

Size: 6′ x 12′, 72 square foot

Price: $1,679.99


  • Heavy duty resin frame, 100% UV-protected
  • Easy lock and pin assembly, no tools required
  • Barn shape with high headroom
  • 6mm twin wall poly carbonate walls, with 100% UV protection and high impact resistance.
  • 4mm UV-protected twin wall poly carbonate panel roof to diffuse light
  • Roof windows for ventilation
  • Optional base kit may be added for additional stability, extra height, and support
  • Good customer service, easy to find replacement parts
  • Made in Romania
  • Multiple size options


  • A lot of pieces, self-assembly
  • Does not come with optional base kit
  • Snap-in plugs instead of screws in some places

Best Use:

This would make a great starter greenhouse, for commercial or residential. It has been known to last over 15 years and the assembly has been simplified for a easy self assemble.

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New Greenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden Shelter Logic HD Performance Mountains

3. ShelterLogic AccelaFrame HD Greenhouse, 12 x 20 x 9′

Size: 12 x 20 x 9′,

Price: $1,099.99


  • Pre-assembled, 30 minutes assembly time
  • Quick Frame Assembly System cuts build time for easy assembly, storage, and rebuilding.
  • Less parts
  • Tough rip stop fabric cover
  • Ratchet tite cover tensioning.
  • 1 5/8th inch frame pipes
  • Includes anchor guide
  • One year complete warranty


  • May catch snow, so maintenance is required

Best Use:

I would use this greenhouse as a start-up greenhouse on a commercial farm or if I wanted a simple at home solution in a garden. With the ease of assembly, I would recommend this as a first time greenhouse to anyone.

Optional Accessory:

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New Greenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden Best Greenhouses

4. Palram Bella Greenhouse – 8′ x 12′

Size: 8′ x 12′, 96 Square foot

Price: $1,821.88


  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • 6mm twin wall poly carbonate panels
  • Maintains even-light and ideal temperatures
  • 99.9% of UV rays blocked
  • Adjustable roof vent
  • Lockable door handle
  • Galvanized steel base
  • Rust resistant bell shape frame designed for reduced snow build-up and wind resistance
  • Virtually unbreakable and corrosion resistant durable frame
  • Complete line of accessories


  • Non-portable, must be rebuild to be moved

Best Use: With such a great price, this high-end Palram is one of my personal favorites. The design, and functionality of this greenhouse puts it at an excellent price point and provides a lot of value. Palram is considered one of the highest rated greenhouse manufacturers on Amazon and, in my opinion, have some of the best options and customer support. You will not be disappointing with the 5 year limited warranty and the amazing customer support. This greenhouse is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New Greenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden Best Greenhouses Palram High Quality Modern Modernity Modernish Aesthetic Gardening

5. Palram Oasis Greenhouse – 7′ x 8′

Size: 7′ x 8′,

Price: $1,247.99


  • Galvanized Steel, Grey finish
  • Enhanced beauty, elegant, and high quality aesthetic
  • well-balanced, sunlight exposure
  • Virtually unbreakable poly carbonate frame
  • twin wall roof panels
  • crystal clear side panels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Galvanized Steel Base
  • Lockable Double Door
  • side Louvre window for ventilation
  • integrated gutter system for water collection


  • Price point is high for starting a commercial farm.

Best Use: I would use this greenhouse only for a high-quality at home garden. It could be used commercially, at the price point you would not choose this one if you were starting a farm with only these greenhouses.

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New Greenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden Best Greenhouses Little Cottage Greenhouse

6. Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse Paneled Playhouse Kit, 10′ x 16′

Size: 10′ x 16′, 160 square foot

Price: $9,399.99


  • Multiple sizes
  • Great gift
  • Ready to paint
  • Locking door handle latch
  • Fasteners and Hardware included
  • Cute and great for young learners or hobbyists
  • Windows open for ventilation
  • Low maintenance


  • Will need additional heat in the colder climates

Best Use: I would not recommend this greenhouse as a commercial farm or garden greenhouse. This greenhouse is fully functional and will raise healthy plants through all 4 season with proper heat.

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New Greenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden Best Greenhouses Geodescic Dome

8. Geodesic Dome 16 FT with Marine Poly Cover for Hydroponic Gardening

Size: 16 foot diameter, 250 square foot

Price: 1,395.00


  • 1/2 inch Galvanized steel
  • Upgrade program from Manufacturer
  • Superior quality and frame built to withstand heavy snow loads, heavy winds and hurricanes
  • Great for all season growing
  • Zinc plated screws and bolts will never rust
  • 16 ft diameter inside dome
  • Easy to assemble by one or two people in one day
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • No shelving

Best Use: This geodesic dome is quite amazing. It comes with a lifetime warranty and upgrade program. This geodesic dome greenhouse is equipped to raise plants on a small scale, but has many other amenities that actually make it full of value. It can be a great reading area, talking point, or relaxing area. I would not recommend it for starting a farm, but a lovely modern addition to your backyard or garden.

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New Greenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden Best Greenhouses Geodesic Dome Study Room Quiet Library Silent Library

9. Garden Igloo – Stylish Conservatory, Play Area for Children Greenhouse or Gazebo

Size: Diameter of 11′ 9″ Max height is 7′ 2″. Base is 107 square foot

Price: $1,199.00


Maximum solar exposure design

  • Optimal air flow with even heat distribution evenly at all points
  • Uniform temperature for a better experience
  • Supports winds up to 31 mph and snow fall up to 90lbs
  • Includes clamps and screws for hard ground,
  • Comfortably fit 8 – 10 people,


  • No shelving

Best Use: I would use this for a hangout area with some house plants or greenhouse starts. I would not recommend using this for a commercial farm or garden. This is a best seller on amazon because of it’s great features and it can be used to grow plants. However, this is a geodesic dome with great lighting and ventilation.

Top 10 Greenhouses on Amazon 2018 New Greenhouse Plants Succulents Soil Dirt Garden Best Greenhouses Grandio Best Seller Top Rated

10. Grandio Element Walk-In Greenhouse Kit (6×8, Heavy Duty Base, Earth & Soil Anchors)

Size: 6′ x 8′,

Price: $1,149.00


  • Multiple Size Options
  • 10mm Twin Wall Polycarbnate
  • Heavy Duty Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame
  • 10 Year Panel Warranty
  • Life Time frame Warranty
  • 8′ tall at peak, plenty of headroom for working
  • 6′ wide design
  • Roof Vents included
  • Heavy duty Earth and Soil Anchors included
  • Double sliding doors
  • A Frame Design
  • Very roomy and functional for the price


  • None!

Best Use:
This greenhouse has everything. A long-term warranty, superior design, and a 6′ wide design that gives it a ton of value for the money. This greenhouse comes in many sizes and options, so for the price I would recommend this for any farm, or homestead hobby garden. This Greenhouse includes free shipping and is the best greenhouse to buy on Amazon.


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