Silage Tarp Review – #1 Way to Prepare Farm Land 2018

About Silage Tarps

What makes them the #1 Way to Weed Prepare Farm Land in 2018?

A silage tarp is a must for preparing land for beds ready for seeds in 2018. Silage tarps provide a steady solution that will provide long lasting benefits. Silage Tarps can work for you because they suit a variety of contexts… I am going to give you some resources about Silage Tarps and everything you will need to set one up for preparing land, weed management, and various other landscape fabric usage.

Silage Tarp: How and Why We Use them

  1. Passively prepare beds
  2. Prepare stale seeds beds
  3. Weed and moisture barrier
  4. Includes reflective white or black outside
  5. Tear and puncture resistant; reusable!
  • Any land that requires land restoration, management or preparation may benefit from utilizing a silage tarp. Invasive plant species are rampant in a global society, and therefor there is plenty of weeding to be done for every farmer, gardener, land manager, and growing tinkerer.
  • The tarp allows you to passively prepare beds or soil on large areas over time. This has many advantages for individuals working through multiple plots of land, or those who intend to work land for many years.
  • The tarp prevents weeds from receiving enough solar radiation to preform photosynthesis; the end result is their death! The tarp also provides a moisture barrier that keeps moisture close to the soil and prevents a lot from evaporating. Providing soil with moisture during it’s preparation can be irreplaceable as the season warms up.
  • This reusable tarp is tear and puncture resistant making a great addition to your permanent land managing tool set. You can use this tarp either as a reflective ground cover or to create a black out environment allowing it to suit a versatile set of needs.

Product #1 – TekSupply 108605 Black44 – White Silage Film 5 mil – 50 ft W x 100 ft L

  • This tarp has your Heavy duty needs “covered”
  • Tarp can cover 5,000 feet, making it a great option for anyone with a decent amount of plots to cover. This is an advantage for managing larger land masses because the silage tarp method does take time to prepare the soil completely.
  • Easy to unroll and fold sides for fitting into smaller areas.

Product #2 – 6 Mil Polyethylene Sheeting Roll (20’ x 100’) Black Plastic Sheeting, Plastic Tarp, Plastic Mulch, Weed Barrier, Concrete Moisture, Vapor Barrier, Construction Film, Lumber Tarp, Ground Cover


Product #3 – DeWitt SBLT4300 Sunbelt Ground Cover Weed Barrier, 4-feet by 300-feet (4 Pack)

Product #4 – 18×30 Woven Polypropylene Sand Bags With Ties & UV Protection (1000 Bags)

  • Perfect bags for filling with sand and weighing down your tarps, landscape fabrics or weed barriers
  • Many different options for bulk sale
  • Dust proof and water resistant
  • Will not absorb humidity
  • Tear Proof, Cut Proof, and Puncture Resistant
  • Not affected by soil bacteria
  • Does not attract rodents
  • Multi-size bags, Overall Height Top to Bottom = -7″
  • Reinforced 850 count denier Polypropylene


This is such a good idea to use a tarp to help control weeds. Weeding is my least favorite part of gardening. They are such a battle because they choke out the plants that I actually want, and they look bad. Using a tarp to control where the plants grow is a great way to keep weeds out of the space where you don’t want them.

-Jasper W.

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