Red Dragon Backpack Flame Weeder – Product Review

The Red Dragon Backpack Flame Weeder is an amazing piece of technology for both home gardeners and advanced ecological land managers!

At 400,000 BTU (British thermal unit) this tool is nothing short of effective for many different contexts.

In my review I am going to tell you in my personal opinion, the pros and cons of my favorite weeder Red Dragon BP 2512 SVC 400,000.

Video of how to make landscape fabric holes for Lettuce quickly and accurately.

Below I will provide links on where to get the flame weeder, replacement parts, as well as additional information about the 10-pound propane tank.

Today I wanted to share this review for my favorite weeding tool. This tool saves me so much time, infact, it almost takes no time at all to remove weeds from my entire garden. In combination with the no-till gardening methods, flame weeding is an ideal way to preserve soil nutrients and waste less time. As gardeners, or farmers, hobbyist or enthusiast, we all desire to save more time!

For me, the backpack unit is a great feature as it enables portability and has a pretty nice rhizome.pngreach. In my context this is nice because I am faced with hills and slope and I want to maximize the productivity of my soil. I have the ability to easily traverse between the permanent beds and skim the surface with a light gust of it’s inferno sterilization. This will stunt the weed in it’s growth, obliterate any remaining seeds, and ultimately make them easier to remove, or decompose. I recommend using a rake to just rake them out and toss them in the trash. While it won’t destroy or remove the invasive rhizominous material for you, it will certainly be a way to maintain dominance over them. This will encourage desirable plant growth to out compete them.

This one simple tool has multiple functions and applications, making it a blazing smart purchase for my context.

  • Flame Weeding is a much more health conscious approach than spraying harsh chemicals to control noxious invasive weeds. It’s even much quicker too!

  • Flame Weeding is an ecologically integrated approach to managing lands. Fire is a vital element to plant successions in the wild and thus increasing plant diversity, soil health (disease, fungus, pest, larvae, dormant plant rhizomes)

  • Native American’s have been known to use fires and burning skills in their land management practices. One such example are grassy balds in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Natives managed with fire to encourage herbaceous and medicinal plant growth.

  • Fire Ecology is an ancient and complex phenomenon that shapes living and non living (biotic and abiotic) patterns in the environment.

  • More Info About Prescribed Burns: Wild land Fire in Ecosystems USFS, USDA 2016

Landscape Fabrics Flame Weeder Burning Burn Fire Farm Garden Simple Tools Gardening

Using the Flame Weeder Nozzle and a Plywood Stencil to create landscape fabric holes for lettuce plugs.


  • Portability, You can take it up your driveway, reach a hillside, no bending over, no unit on the ground.
  • Only takes 5 minutes to turn on. Then you are ready to flame the beds.
  • Propane tank is cheap and simple to fill. I only need to fill three or four times a season for a 1/4 acre garden. I usually fill mine at my local Southern States.
  • Safety feature on the hand nozzle will.
  • Kit includes: 400,000 BTU Torch, 5-foot U.L. Listed LP Gas Hose, U.L. Listed Safety P.O.L. Fitting, Squeeze Valve with Adjustable Pilot, Spark Lighter, Back Pack Frame, 10 lb. Cylinder, and Pipe Thread Compound.


  • Can be awkward to light, when using alone.
  • You may want to wear a mask if the wind is strong.
  • No way to know how close to being empty.

Flame Weeder Raised Beds Gardening Tools Farm Asheville North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway

About to flame beds and plant Spinach and Beets!

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Q: Will this thing stop zombies?

A: Probably! Most zombies would be filled with formaldehyde and light up in seconds.

Q: Can this be used to melt snow?

A: In the right scenario, it could be used to melt ice off of a driveway or concrete patio section. It will take a lot of time and other tools.

Be sure not to use it on asphalt as it can ruin it.

I have no experience in this aspect of it although I know it can sometimes be used to warm and quickly thaw frozen pipes in an emergency.

Q: Where to store my Backpack Flame Weeder?

A: Store in a well-ventilated area that is cool and dry. Moisture will ruin the tank, nozzle, and compound thread sealer.

Q: How do I know if it works?

A: Once you have read the manual, and gotten it to light, keep the flame at a low level and the propane tank only open 1/4 of the way.

Q: How do I know if it has actually helped me killed the weeds?

A: A light flame will suffice and in the first few moments the plant may char. If you see smoke coming from the ground I would recommend stopping the flame and aiming away from the soil. Over burning can start a fire so always keep water nearby. Moments later the plant will begin to wilt. Over the next days, if you don’t remove the plant by hand it will have decayed into a rotten weed corpse. The heat alone will destroy the plants ability to function. Once you are set up you will be conquering weeds in no time!

Q: What happens if it breaks or I need to replace a part?

A: Luckily, it requires minimum tools to put together, and has very straight forward instructions. I was actually very impressed at the instructions attention to detail. Below I will list some links to replacement parts and even some attachments that may improve the tool even further. I’ve had mine for about a year with zero issues so I can’t exactly review or recommend anything specifically. Bookmark this page as these resources will update!

Happy Flame Weeding!!