March 25th – Blog Entry #5

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This week was pretty busy on the farm but I consider it the calm before the storm.

This week we had Microgreens planted, more flowers, Spinach, Lettuce, Sage, Basil, Cucumbers, Kale and Broccoli all starting to sprout.

We transplanted lettuce into the ground using a simple trowel, I have multiple including a matching set, you can see that video right here;


We planted another 2 rows of Spinach and a single row of beets.

For these crops we always use the Earthway Precision Seeder. For Spinach and Beets, we simply use the spinach plate as it drops the right amount of seed and a really nice spacing.

For the Spinach we planted 5 rows per bed, for Golden Beets 3 rows.
Let’s see what happens! Stay tuned.







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