January Update – Blog Entry #3

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Greetings Everybody,

January is coming to a close and we’re gearing up for the growing season here in the southern Appalachians. Earth Vale Farms is excited to announce that earlier this month we launched a GoFundMe page to receive donations for our 2018 growing season. Join us in this new chapter by making a contribution to a strong new wave of young agriculturists striving to make a difference.

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“Earth Vale is an environmentally friendly farm in the Southern Appalachians that centralizes around Plant Based foods. The farm’s focus is health, community and the environment. We value responsible human and nature interactions, and the stewardship of the land. For food production the farm researches and employs bio-intensive and permaculture methods. Earth Vale seeks a regenerative approach to renew the landscape and therefor the people within it using only Natural and Organic methods.”

We also have an Etsy page you can buy our product and support us that way if you would like!

Earth Vale Farms on Etsy!

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Earth Vale 2018 installment



We will be back at the River Arts District Farmers Market this May so stay tuned for our crop list!





Click Here to donate and thank you for your support!

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