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“Things are good and everything will be okay.” I tell this to myself… I tell myself this a bunch and I know many of you may relate. Our lives are perturbed by history. I mean face it, we are really living a lifestyle that has been completely reinvented within the last few centuries. Am I the only one who sees it? NO. I can’t be… It’s just not possible.


I want to talk today about anxiety because I am experiencing a lot of it and this very post should serve to remind us all that there are some really effective ways for dealing with it.  I use gardening and researching food nutrition and health, but I want to address how we often use devices that cause stress as a form of stress relief. We unknowingly rob ourselves and commit acts of perpetuation. If you feel like your stress relief is also a source of stress and you decide to ignore that, you are asking for a good ole fashioned headache. Stress Headache’s are some of the notorious tell-tale signs of a growing condition. You can control your stress and I am here to tell you;

  1. You are not alone.
  2. You can do this.
  3. Even if you can’t do it easily at first.

Stress and Anxiety are both becoming very hot topics. They are at the forefront of many people’s mind and often the largest struggle many people will face on a daily basis. Some people have very tough lives and need different amounts of stress therapy. I learned when I went to Business School, very early, in a class called Academic Strategies that time management is stress management. Productivity is the killer of stress. If you are always worried about the time, your timing, or not having enough time you will be compromising your ability to handle your stress. This may not always lead to anxiety, but I am going to address them as if they work together instead of separately. For example, anxiety doesn’t always lead to stress but one definitely impacts the other. With the following Anxiety Therapy Tools I can guarantee you will see a major stress relief in life.

Here are some Anxiety Therapy Tools that can work for you TODAY.

#1 Impact Your Diet

Change the Cause instead of the Effects — What you put in is what you get out.

When we think about our diet, it almost feels like there is this little thought bubble in the back of out head that tells us to turn off the internal clock. I get this a lot, we work all day, barely fit in a meal, and use our common excuses to neglect our number one priority. Our Bodies FuelWhat you put in is what you get out. Period.

It is not only senseless but impractical. Studies do show that what you eat affects your productivity.

  • Limit processed food intake (Cereal, Meat, Bars, Chips, Candies, etc)
  • Find Local Sources by visiting Farmers Market’s, Tailgate Markets, and supporting organic and non-GMO farms.
  • Removing all animal products (Dairy, Eggs, Meat, Cheese)
  • Introducing Fresh Greens into your daily diet.
    • We really don’t have any excuses to not eat fresh salad greens, microgreens, or bean sprouts from a local source. Hop on pinterest and learn how to grow some fresh food or collaborate with a neighbor who can help you out.
  • Thinking about where your food comes from will not only enlighten a healthy relationship with your food but it will also inspire you to consider what quality of food you put in to your body. When you start treating your health with a sense of priority you can really impress your own mind. And that can do wonders for the anxiety.

I won’t go into heavy detail into nutrition right now but know you must nourish yourself and eat good clean food. Deciding what that is doesn’t have to be very hard or overwhelming yet it always get’s pushed to the back. That’s why this is my number 1 tip. How else will you even have the energy for what Step 2 will require..?

#2 Impact Your Mind

Strategic and Critical Thinking will ultimately be what the difference between being in the driver seat and not the run away rail cart that is anxiety.

The true first steps that you can probably put into action right this second is understanding that you cannot control everything. There is a possibility you are having a hard time even controlling a single thought. Keeping it from drifting or looking at it in the best of light.

Keep in mind Rule #1 at all times and do your best. Do your best to understand you can’t control everything and that your biggest challenge is not in front of you, but inside of you. When you take back your body and are able to reconcile with the subconscious mind it will be as if the forces of gravity have been weakened on your body. Here are some major tips for seeing some major mental improvement immediately.

  • Accept your position.
  • Do your best and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  • Learn your triggers and study them.
  • Help your community and donate your time

So we have covered a lot of information and you can see it is not a binary issue that can be solved by changing one aspect of one function of your life. Dealing with anxiety is a lifestyle change. If the above seems to be difficult find yourself a nice quiet room to sit in for at least 20 minutes, daily, until the following becomes almost routine.

  • Find your quiet place.
  • Clear your mind of as many physical distractions as possible, comfort, noises, etc.
  • Accept all thoughts.
  • Let your mind wander and study what your mind is bringing to you.
  • Observe where your mind takes you.
  • For now you are learning how to interact with the subconscious mind by allowing the conscious to become free and clear, it may feel a bit unsettling, keep practicing.
  • Practice a slow and steady breathing pattern and start again.

#3 Impact Your Body

I was once told — the only way to influence the mind is the have a positive impact on your body.

Whoever said it to me was completely right. The only way to truly give yourself the power you need to trust your own mind with is a form of Self Love. If you aren’t loving your body and doing what you can to satisfy it’s necessary requirements there may be no hope at influencing your subconscious.

  • Exercise Daily — Stretching and raising your heart rate for even 25 minutes a day will yield many benefits.
  • Eating on time means knowing when your body is supposed to be digesting. Human bodies are only capable of digesting when the sun is up so no late night snacking.
  • Don’t skip meals, and always plan your meals BEFORE you are hungry!
  • Sleep — While how many hours of sleep a particular person needs will vary on a few things, there isn’t a recommended minimum. In my experience, over sleeping is worse than under sleeping. Again, I can’t get into heavy detail about what is right for everybody but I do know that if you master your routine, you should be waking up and utilizing the parts of the day where you have the most energy, proving my teachings in the first paragraph to be still perfectly true. Productivity is the enemy of stress. Perhaps even the ultimate antidote.

#4 Impress your Subconscious

Vital functions of the body are all governed and regulated by the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind accepts what it is impressed upon and helps us decide upon things in the physical world. This is the most powerful tool for expanding your potential and achieving it. There is but one thing that determines our actual destiny, and that is our attitude. That is how we feel and believe. I am looking forward to expanding on this in future blog posts.

  • Find your Quiet Place
  • Clear your Mind of All Thoughts
  • Visualize something that makes you happy
  • Visualize a place that makes you happy
  • Replace any negative thoughts with positive ones
  • Remember to practice steps 1 – 3


These last steps will not be the end of the road, you may have to repeat many of the steps and revisit them. Remember to observe and find what works for you.

I will be updating this page and if there is any information you would like to see covered here then comment below or send me an email at

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Reccomended Extras

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  • Here is another model of a similiar product which gives great results and has great reviews. It can clear headaches, improve focus, and even aid in breathing. I find it super helpful for when I sleep. VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser


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