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Happy Earth Day – Blog Entry #7

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Happy Earth Day Earthlings!

April 22nd or Earth Day, marks the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

This anniversary marks the height of counterculture the 1970s brought.

During those times the entire world was being intensely over-polluted and, by large, ruined by corporations and industry environmental impacts for the sole purpose of maximizing profits. These issues still persist on a large scale today.

Some could argue that for over 45 years things have gotten worse and more young people now than ever before have become tired of it.

A large part of taking a stand for the environment is local small farming.

Building awareness to environmental inequity,  the growing issues like climate change and the unequal burden of environmental degradation on the minorities of society.


The word environment is of massive importance as it reveals to us the nature of which everything surrounding us holds on to so tightly. Because of our surroundings we were able to persistent, and it will be the end of us if we are not to rectify the damages of which under-utilizing non-renewable energy will cause.

If you ask yourself why this has been done, try not to look too deep into any rabbit holes or conspiracy theories.

Earth Day is about Advocating for Environmental Awareness!

The simple fact that the cost of these environmental impacts are passed on to future generations is enough to cause immense greed, enough to corrupt these corporations and influence their agendas.


Industrialized Agriculture is literally dying.

The fossil fuel industry has found its way into our food system and it’s our mission to ensure the research of locally produced and sustainable food systems are implemented into our society once more. Rooftop gardening and urban farming are massively important in our context today if we are to stand up and fight for the Earth Movement. Conventional Industrial Agriculture is is not necessary to feed the world and it never will be if we continue to burn finite resources for our conveniences. We need to focus more on local soil health and the rebuilding of microbiomes that are associated with diverse wildlife ecosystems.

There are many myths about agriculture and I really recommend this article because it has a lot of great research and references.


Take this Earth Day to educate yourself and a friend about the environment. Talk to them about calculating your Carbon Footprint and what you may do to reduce your carbon footprint as well.

“Great Things Are Done By A Series Of Small Things Brought Together.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

Happy Earth Day Earth Vale Farms Lettue Transplant Trays Agroforestry Agriculture Horticulture

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